7 days left!

i have become mildly obsessed with cleaning up the house.  it’s not even really a mess, but i seem to find comfort these days in order and cleanliness.  kind of ironic, as in just a week i will be setting out on a not-so-clean adventure, full of mud, dirt, smells, disorder, and a complete lack of predictability.  maybe that’s why i’ve suddenly become a neat freak.  

i am so ready for this trip!  i love airports…the community of completely random strangers from a mixing pot of cultures.  everyone with their story–tearful goodbyes, jubilant reunions, hovering mothers and curious children.  i love being airborne, looking down at the tiny pixelated houses that form beautiful pictures…then the tiny white capped waves and deep swirling waters of the ocean and the amazing display of varying cloud types.  i guess i should have been a stewardess (or a pilot).

i’ve always wanted to go to africa, and now it’s finally happening.  it seems surreal, and i find myself wishing i had planned a longer trip so that i could really live there.  but then reality hits when i wake up in the morning, shower and drink coffee and think about how much i will miss these simple pleasures.  a bed, running water, carpeted floors, a car, a phone, safety and comfort…i’ve come to rely on these things.  i don’t like that, but i would be lying if i didn’t admit my dependence on them.  it is good to be getting away from everything i know, to once again throw myself into a foreign world, where what i know to be the norm is seen as a distant ideal.  i am looking forward to change.


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