about me

i am a dreamer.  i dream of open skies and blazing fires.  i dream of colors and melodies and freedom.  i dream of peace and happiness and eternal summer days.  i dream of a world where every child has a home.

i love writing and this is a place where i hope to be able to share my thoughts on life, love and motherhood.  i am an advocate for orphans and especially pray for children with special needs who don’t have families.  i love Jesus, adoption, music, art, and traveling.  i love my husband and my daughters, and am trying to be the best wife and mother possible.  some days are more successful than others.  more often than not, i feel like a failure, but i am trying to let go of my perfectionism and see beauty in the brokenness.

i grew up in a christian commune, the bruderhof, and had a relatively stress-free childhood.  i have seven siblings and we lived with 350 other people in very close proximity.  growing up on a farm with no TV, radio, or really anything outside of the small village-like setting taught me a lot. i learned about simple living and sacrificial love.  i developed a love for nature, creativity, and community.  we wore long skirts and head-coverings and lived in a quiet, modest, safe utopia.  i left the community when i was 20, and have never felt quite so alone in my entire life.  completely unprepared for this abrupt transition, it was like i had been thrown into a strange, new world that i had no context for.  it was scary and overwhelming.  i had some difficult years of wandering and feeling lost, but during that time i also experienced some of the most wonderful people and places in the world.  over the past 9 years, i have lived in many different places; england, germany, ireland, romania, philadelphia, los angeles, kenya, and uganda.  finally, in august of 2006 i traveled across the country from california (in an RV as a nanny) and settled down in charlotte.

i have learned a lot and continue to grow with each passing year.  i have messed up a lot and received more grace than i deserve.  but i am thankful for everyone who has been there for me along the way.  it’s been quite a ride, and God has been faithful and unwavering.  His strong hand has been my guide.  His love has carried me through.



5 responses to “about me

  1. I am so glad you got on that bus and traveled to Charlotte….
    You are a wonderful wife, mom and daughter in law!!!
    I love your story and God’s redeeming love in your life. Yoblessingincredible blessing

  2. i love your sweet blog and am so glad that i just discovered it! i too have a child with special needs and can relate to SO much of what you write about (especially the post about the constant struggle with how to balance therapy at home). your words are so encouraging. xoxo. hill

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