6 months!

our little Gracie is 6 months old today!  hard to believe how quickly the days are flying by.  we are trying to make the most of the moments because before we know it, she’ll be one.  she is such a precious little baby girl.  we love her so.

DSC_0639she has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  so alert and curious, always looking around and watching us.

DSC_0665i love her beautiful toothless grin.  her giggles are contagious!  she laughs a lot.DSC_0677

she is really trying to crawl and does a lot of these yoga moves to work on core strength!DSC_0704 determined little lady!DSC_0713 she sucks in her bottom lip when she is really focused.  it’s so adorableDSC_0714 and her love for her big sister grows with the passing days.  her face lights up any time Miki flops down next to her on the floor.  Mikisa says “gah baby gah” and Gracelyn coos and smiles right back at her.  miki is also trying to teach gracelyn to crawl.  (which is really funny seeing as she never mastered that herself!)

DSC_0723 sister laughs!DSC_0725 and sweet, sweet love DSC_0727

2 responses to “6 months!

  1. Wonderful post! 6 months- so much love and learning on all fronts! 🙂
    I am in Singapore on the east side watching barges coming in from the South China Sea… Quite a change from LKN !

    Lloyd is doing 2 seminars here and 1 in Perth AU next week. I help with them some an have time to sightsee as well- a great combo! Keep up the good work my friend! Love you.

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