summer photo dump

well, i guess we can say this corner of the internet has been awfully quiet the past few months.  it seems like my creative juices have dried up a little and i’m in a season of mothering and learning from others instead of sharing our stories.  i hope to eventually get back to writing more.  but for now, i’m really okay with being the quiet, somewhat lame blogger.  i have some pics from our summer and a few tidbits about what we’ve been up to, but nothing profound or meaningful to share.  just some memories of days well spent.

time is flying by with our sweet gracie!  she is five months old already, and we love her more every day:)  she brings us so much joy!  she is teaching us to be more present and love each other better.  she is such a content, laid back little baby.  we are so blessed!


our family spent a week at the beach in south florida.  it was a wonderful time, although we had moments where we questioned why on earth we drove 10+ hours with two children prone to crying spells.  the car ride was interesting…but we had so much fun at the beach:)


mikisa has been in a summer day camp for kids with special needs.  she has really enjoyed herself, and i think the structure has helped her keep out of trouble this summer.  she likes telling us all about her new friends, and they’ve done some neat activities together like fishing, roller skating, water park, discovery place, swimming, music, dancing, sports, etc.  i think it definitely beats staying home with mom and baby:)

Mikisa (6)

speaking of mikisa and her sister…their relationship continues to amaze me.  i just love watching the two of them interact.  gracelyn is so excited whenever miki is around.  she starts cooing and smiling and won’t take her eyes off her big sister.  miki likes to say “gah! gah! your turn baby”  [trying to get her to talk back to her].  it’s too cute.  i have to be careful not to stare at them too long in the rearview mirror when i’m driving…they love each other so much!!


gracelyn can roll over front to back and back to front now.  she’s a little busy body, and loves playing with her toys and grabbing anything in her reach.  she likes sucking her toes and is very aware of everything going on around her.  i think she is in the baby honeymoon stage…it’s nice to be able to put her down somewhere and know that she’ll be safe and happy right where i put her while i get things done.  i know she will be crawling before too long, so i’m trying to enjoy this easy-peasy stage while it lasts!


mikisa’s health seems to be more stable right now.  she had an EEG early in the summer which showed that she is still having seizure activity during her sleep for about 25% of the night and then some spiking during the day.  this is a big improvement from last year when her brain would seize almost 100% of sleep, but it’s still not as good as we were wanting it to be.  so we are working with our neurologist to increase her medications in the hopes of getting better control of her epilepsy.  other than that, she is improving in many ways.  her speech is clearer and she is using more words to communicate, which is reducing her frustration.  it’s so wonderful to be able to have actual conversations with her, even though they often don’t make much sense!  she has pretty severe expressive language delay, but she tries hard and we are proud of her.  she has a lot of therapy during the summer months, including aquatic therapy [which she loves!]  we definitely can see that all the hours spent at therapy are really helping her learn and grow.


last weekend my little brother got married!  my parents came down from NY and we had a fantastic weekend of celebration:)  the wedding was picture perfect and the sun even came out for their special day.  congratulations cliff and julie!


so now we only have a few weeks of summer left.  miki will be starting 1st grade at the end of the month!  things are changing for me too…starting next week, i will be watching another little baby here in our house while his mom is at work.  i’m sure having two little ones around will keep me busy, but i am really looking forward to getting to know him and his family.  and it will be nice for gracie to have a little friend during the day while her big sister is at school.

well, i think that wraps up my short summer recap.  thanks for reading!

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