strawberry picking

yesterday we thought it would be fun to take our girls to patterson farm to pick strawberries and see the animals in the petting zoo.  we had good intentions of having some quality family time and doing something that Miki would really enjoy.  well, she enjoyed it for about 5 minutes.  we managed to snap some pictures while we were all happy…

strawberry picking


Miki picked a few berries and put them in the basket before she decided it would be more fun to squeeze them into jam.  i told her to pick them carefully and the whining began.  and it didn’t stop no matter what we tried.    we kept picking as she droned on…”mamaaaaaa, i tired.  i need to go to bed.  can i go home? mamaaaaa. i don’t like it.  all done.”  we moved further down the row and ignored the drama but it didn’t go away.  when we filled our basket, we told her we were going home.  right on cue, she started crying.  i went to help her walk to the car and she had an epic meltdown.  dragging her feet, yelling at me and sobbing hysterically like she didn’t want to leave.  it was frustrating and more than a little embarrassing.  when we finally made it to the car, Gracelyn decided that crying was the thing to do, so we had two screaming kids in the back as we hurried to collect our things and get out of there.

some days, life is so exhausting.  it feels like it would be easier to just stay home and keep our happy little routine.  but i know it’s important for Mikisa to learn to cope with new experiences and to enjoy spontaneous outings.  so we will keep trying.

5 responses to “strawberry picking

  1. Oh my friend I need to share my favorite tool for the meltdown…my iPod with headphones…sometimes I just put them in and have a soundtrack to what ever is going on. Pick some crazy random pandora channel… The things I do to keep myself from having a meltdown!

  2. If it was going to be easy God could have picked anyone, but He knew so he picked you guys.
    God Bless.

  3. what a sweet pic of troy ‘wearing’ the baby…you can tell he enjoys his family quite a bit 🙂 you are all so adorable.

  4. I was like that when I was young. I am autistic and have a fear of failure.

  5. Consider using “social stories” (you can find online by googling). They are a good way to prepare kids for events, provide structure, and communicate expectations. You might think expectations are obvious but for kids with sns (and many without) they still need to be spelled out, in a positive way.

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