three months old!

precious baby gracelyn is growing so quickly!  these first three months have flown by way too fast.  i am soaking up this special time of getting to stay at home and love on my sweet baby…she is such a gift from God, such a joy and delight!  we are so fascinated by how quickly she is learning new things and how different she is with each passing week.

some things i love about this stage in gracelyn’s development:

i love the way she feels wrapped up tight in the moby.  she falls asleep almost as soon as i put her in there, and our morning walks are so peaceful with her snuggly self tucked up close to me.

i love how she coos when we look at her as if to say, “wait!  i have something to say!  lets talk”  it is adorable and she gets me every time:)

i love that she is obsessed with ceiling fans…she would stare at them for hours if we let her

i love the way she smiles at me when i get her out of her crib in the morning.

i love how much she likes her little light up mobile toy…she kicks her legs and swings her arms when i lay her under it.

i love how she instantly calms down when i sing to her.  i think she’s going to be a musician:)

i love the way she smiles when her big sister gets home from school.

here are some recent pictures of our little beauty:


she is such a happy, sweet natured baby!


she is adored by all, especially her big sister!



what a blessing that these two have each other:)  they are so completely opposite, but they already love each other so much!  and we like to think that they are going to balance each other out.

holding hands

*first three photos compliments of Mandie Joy


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