today is national siblings day [who knew they have special days for everything now!] so i thought i’d write a little about the developing relationship between our two girls.  it is amazing to see Mikisa slowly warming up to her baby sister.  every day, when she gets home from school, she says: “Gracelyn, what you doin’? you want some chips? come on, let’s eat!”  then when i remind her that Gracelyn can’t eat chips, she usually says “Gracelyn drink milk?” she also frequently asks what color Gracelyn’s body is.  and then she points out that her body is brown.  Mikisa also really wants to play with the baby.  the problem is, she doesn’t really understand that the baby’s play skills aren’t up to par so she’s telling her to do headstands and play duck duck goose with her.  she is not interested in sitting around talking baby talk or shaking rattles.  she wants to play wild and crazy games with her sister.


and Gracelyn just sits back and stares at Mikisa.  she seems fascinated, terrified and amused all at the same time.  her big sister is just so full of life and doesn’t really know how to be calm.  so it makes for some very interesting afternoons!  Gracelyn has been elbowed several times and almost dropped on more than one occasion.  we are working on big sister’s awareness, but it will take some time!  Mikisa does love to hold the baby for a few minutes each day and usually manages to coax some smiles out of Gracelyn without much effort.

these girls are lucky to have each other.  for Gracelyn, growing up with Mikisa will mean leaving ‘normal’ behind.  yes, there will be love and laughter.  but there will also be pain and loss and sacrifice.  Gracelyn will soon know that Mikisa is different than other kids.  Mikisa will need continued therapy and medical care.  she will need extra help with many things.  she will have social and behavior difficulties which will impact our activities.  so Gracelyn will learn compassion, empathy, patience and adaptability.  she will learn to see the value in people who have special needs.  she will learn to accept that life doesn’t always go just like we want it to.  she will learn grace.

sisters.  two gorgeous girls from two different continents.  two totally different stories.  one arrived into this world shrouded in love…welcomed, wanted, whole.  the other waited years for love to find her. she was abandoned, suffering, alone, broken many times.  these girls will grow up together, learning how to love each other despite their differences.  and their lives will be rich and beautiful because they have each other.



*second photograph compliments of


4 responses to “sisters

  1. Definitely made me cry. I loved getting to see them together and capture the beginning of their sisterhood. Can’t wait to watch them grow up together. Love you!

  2. As a younger sister to an older brother with autism I PROMISE Gracelyn will love her sister for who she is. There was no world I knew without my brother and I can’t imagine one without him, all of him. I am so excited to see them grow up as sisters!

  3. Again you have touched my heart. Your girls will indeed have a very special relationship that will bless both them, you and many others.

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