hair drama

yesterday we went for round four of hair braiding.  i will be thankful if i survive these years with no hearing loss from the decibel level of Mikisa’s screams when we do anything to her hair.  it is ridiculously loud.  i held her hand and her head while our talented friend Niki (a mom we met at therapy who has a fantastic afro and kindly offered to help out with our girls’ hair) laboriously worked on the matted mess, one section at a time.  she combed, blow-dryed, straightened, combed, and braided each little section.  it took no less than 4 hours. and our girl, she screamed the.whole.time.  we were both exhausted by the end.  i’m happy to say that we won’t be touching that hair for at least another month!!  thank you God.


we’re considering shaving it all off.  or putting it in dreads.  or something…anything that would help us avoid the daily combing torture sessions.  we really don’t think it hurts her that badly, but it obviously triggers some kind of fight or flight response in her so we have absolutely uncontrollable tears.  it is definitely a two-man job to do anything with her hair, and i just don’t know how long we can keep this up.


doesn’t she look gorgeous though?


she definitely rocks the braided look, and i absolutely love her hair!!!  if it weren’t for the screaming hissy fits, i think i would really enjoy the challenge of learning a whole new way of hair care.  but i have to say that for now, i’m thankful that daughter #2 won’t have crazy, course, curly, thick afro hair.


2 responses to “hair drama

  1. Boo for that being so hard sweet friend! She does look beautiful! I can’t get over how old she looks!!! What a gift of love for that momma to join y’all. Praying it gets better or for some wisdom on moving forward. Love to y’all!!!

  2. She looks so good with the braids! If she had locs about the same size, they would look amazing, and they would definitely be lower maintenance (though still require some work form time to time). My own thick, curly, coarse-haired girl and I recently had a big discussion about what it takes to keep your hair long. If push comes to shove, we’ll cut off some length. A shorter Afro is way easier to deal with, and I think that with a little headband or bow, it can look very feminine. Enjoy your weeks with no hair maintenance, and best of luck figuring out how to make hair work for Miss Mikisa! She’s a doll and will look beautiful no matter what you decide.

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