yesterday i turned 30.  i don’t like birthdays, and have always dreaded saying goodbye to my 20’s…but this one was actually great!  i am so blessed.  my life is full and God has been so good to me.  yesterday was a reminder of all i have to be thankful for.  my sweet daughter kept saying “happy birthday mom” and then asking me if i was happy.  my husband decided to take the day off and spoil me  it was wonderfully relaxing and i felt so celebrated and loved!!

my day started with breakfast in bed:


then we got our little firecracker on the bus.  [sidenote: this is her second week of riding the bus and she LOVES it!  i think it makes her feel more like a big girl and it seems to be the highlight of her day]


we spent the morning relaxing before going out to lunch…then took a wonderful walk, which was punctuated with lots of reminders from baby that she is almost here!  [i was having frequent contractions]  before Mikisa got home from school, we enjoyed dessert from the cheesecake factory.  talk about delicious.

once Mikisa finished telling us about the joys and dramas of her day at school, we had a wonderful family afternoon, snuggling in the bed and then making a fire in the backyard.  the day ended with a steak dinner [and a tiny glass of wine] and then early bedtime for all of us.


so i guess turning 30 wasn’t all that bad:)  i am eagerly looking forward to what the end of this month will bring, and i am so grateful for our many blessings.


3 responses to “thankful

  1. Happy Birthday Christina! You truly are blessed with your beautiful family! I’m so happy for you, and inspired by you!

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