a short recap of 2012

this year has been wonderful.  truly a year of many blessings for our family.  in between the wonder, we have had many hard days and difficult moments…but isn’t that just life?  a crazy mix of happiness, anxiety, fear, hope, pain and triumph?  since i’m hormonal and i seem to have lost a lot of brain cells to my ever growing baby inside, i don’t have many profound words as we close out this year.  i am emotional and irrational and can’t seem to think clearly at all.

so instead of trying to really share what happened in my heart this year and what i have learned through our ups and downs, i’m just going to show you all some pictures and give a brief recap.  this year was hard.  but it was also incredibly good.  so we are counting our blessings and thanking God for all of it.

family 2012

2012 started with some very difficult months of extreme behavior from Mikisa, most likely caused by poor epilepsy treatment.  we struggled through many days of raging, and trudged our way to countless specialists who didn’t have answers.  it was frustrating and draining to say the least.

DSC09385the winter months were grueling, but we lit many fires and said many prayers [and drank wine when we needed to] and got through somehow.


then in march we took our first family vacation.  it was wonderful!  we all loved the much-needed respite of a week at the beach.  miki was in sensory heaven!


springtime was full of successes for Mikisa.  her behavior mellowed out considerably when we switched to a different seizure medication.  she learned to walk with a walker!  and she started getting used to the idea of being in kindergarten.  [just in time for summer break!]

Look of Love

summer was challenging but also rewarding.  in june we found out that our family will be blessed by another little one…welcome morning sickness all.summer.long!

although the days were long, Mikisa had a good summer overall and showed us so much determination and strength!  we doubled up on all her therapies and she participated in the extended school year program.  by August, she was walking unassisted for the first time!  talk about a miracle.

IMG_0404just after the start of a new school year, we bought our first house.  then we moved into it!  and mikisa switched schools. whew!  definitely too many changes at once.  but we all love the new house and the new school.

DSC09711so september and october were full of transitions and such.  oh, and we celebrated our one year anniversary with a child-free weekend at myrtle beach.  aaahhh!  so relaxing.


november brought the holidays and more time with family.  we were delighted to find out we’re having another daughter:)  mikisa is so excited for the arrival of her baby sister in february!  thanksgiving was a wonderful time of celebration.


DSC09584in december we celebrated Miki’s 7th birthday…we all marveled at the different little girl she is this year compared to this time a year ago.  she has absolutely flourished in her development and we are so proud of her!  she loved her birthday and then all the christmas festivities.


now we are eagerly looking forward to 2013!  a year of more big changes for us…life is a gift and we are thankful for each day we have together.  many blessings to you all as you bring in the new year.


*many of the photos compliments of www.mandiejoy.com

One response to “a short recap of 2012

  1. Hi Tina,
    ich verstehe ja nicht alles, aber ich glaube, Dir geht es gut und Deine Familie wird größer…, Bussi E.

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