Happy Birthday Mikisa!

today our little girl turns 7.  unbelievable how quickly she is growing up!!!  (and really hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we have a seven-year-old daughter).  we are so thankful for this past year of her life…for the steady improvement with her health, the amazing development and progress she has made and her joy through it all.  she has learned so many things and we are so proud of her!

this time last year she could not walk.  now she is practically running!  this time last year, she didn’t know more than 20 words.  now we can have conversations and she communicates her wants and needs much more effectively.  this time last year she was having major rage issues with hitting, kicking, screaming, and defiance.  this year, although her behavior is still challenging, she is much more cooperative and responsive to redirection. we are so thankful for the gift of our sweet Mikisa Mae.  she is so special and unique and we are blessed to have her in our family.

DSC09745we can’t celebrate this day without remembering her biological mother.  we don’t know where she is now or what she is doing.  but we acknowledge her part in Mikisa’s life.  she carried our little girl for close to 7 months in her womb before a traumatic premature birth on an isolated street.  she must have been lonely and scared.  while the choices she made had devastating consequences for our daughter neurologically, emotionally and physically, we know that she was the first one to look into our little girl’s eyes.  she was the first one to feed her and clothe her.  without her, Mikisa wouldn’t have been born.

through God’s grace, Mikisa’s life has taken on so much purpose!  she is a beloved daughter, chosen and cherished.  she has blessed many people and has opened eyes to the power of love.  she is a daily reminder of where we put our hope.

here is a video i made looking through this past year with our sweet little girl:


10 responses to “Happy Birthday Mikisa!

  1. Sweet Mikisa Mae, there’s no way to fully express how you have changed my life. To watch you go from a 20lb tiny baby who didn’t smile to a beautiful 7 year old who tells the funniest stories and knows my name has been a beautiful miracle. Your joy from the first day I met you has been contagious. I love to watch the way you find excitement and hilarity in things I would call mundane. I love how you bring music with you everywhere you go. I love how freely you love the people in your life. Meems, you are beautiful, brave, forgiving, strong, and one of the wittiest, smartest little girls I’ve ever met. Today, we celebrate your life and look forward to all that Jesus will do in and through you for many more years. I love you, baby girl!

  2. Wow how beautiful is that little girl! She is sooo full of music!! God bless her Mom and Dad for nurturing this soul… Many Blessings to you all (and your new baby that is on the way)! Happy 7th Mikisa!! Hope to meet you some day soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Mikisa. Have followed you from the “start”, -wow you have become so strong. May God continue to bless you and your parrents.

  4. Happy birthday Mikisa! Thank you Christina for being a great mom to her! I love to watch her life evolve even from this far. God richly bless you

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