our non halloween

a lot of people asked me what mikisa would be for halloween.  honestly, because she’s still learning what a birthday is, we didn’t feel the need to buy an expensive costume and put her through the mindless ritual of walking door to door begging for candy, especially considering 1. walking is hard for her, 2. it would have been a sensory nightmare, and 3. she refuses to eat anything with sugar in it [such a wonderful perk for her sweet-tooth parents!]  so instead, we put her in her pajamas and strapped a pair of wings to her back…she was delighted with her “co-tume”. “yay!  mommy look, i fy-in” as she twirled clumsily in front of the mirror [before landing hard on her back when she lost her balance.]

we didn’t take pictures or have a party.  but our sweet girl enjoyed handing out throwing candy at the kids who stopped by.  she laughed at their costumes and yelled “twick o tweat!” it was hilarious.  so yeah…maybe things looked a little different last night in our house.  but it sure is wonderful to have a child who is so happy with so little.

photo compliments of www.mandiejoy.com 


2 responses to “our non halloween

  1. I think this is the sweetest post ever, Christina! I was imagining her reaction to everything and it make me laugh. And this picture makes me want to give her lots of hugs and kisses!

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous! I, like Beth, can completely picture the scene in my mind. I love!

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