october in pictures

our lives are full.  i have spent much of this month in a state of exhaustion…i discovered that i also regress a little with major transitions.  so in between helping mikisa cope with all the newness, i’ve had to give myself an extra measure of grace.

here is our new house:

and a shot of the living room:

we love living here!  the neighborhood is quiet, safe, and conveniently located.  we feel very blessed!  Mikisa struggled with all the changes, and spent most of the first week curled up in the fetal position trying to shut out the world.

it was definitely an unsettling experience for Miki’s fragile emotions, but now she seems to be back to her sweet little self.  she is at a new school, which is going well so far.  the first week, because of all the behavior problems i seriously considered pulling her out of school altogether.  but thankfully, now that she has settled in and is doing well, that won’t be necessary.

we had her hair braided again and managed to leave it in for 3 weeks.  she hates getting it done…screams, cries and fights me the entire time.  but it saves us the hair drama of daily brushing (which we have to do when it’s in a ‘fro).

also, Rifton donated an adaptive tricycle for Mikisa!  we are thrilled, and we think it will really help strengthen her leg muscles and align her left hip.  she loves her new ride:)

Mikisa is obsessed with pumpkins so we decided to carve one together.  she wasn’t so thrilled about getting her hands dirty, but the end result made her very happy and proud!

Troy and I managed to get away for our anniversary weekend.  we went to myrtle beach, and enjoyed some much-needed rest and relaxation.  it was wonderful!  crazy that it’s already been one year…praying for many more years together.  God has blessed us richly during this first year of marriage and we are very grateful.

pregnancy is going well.  i am 22 weeks and feeling great!  we are having a girl…Mikisa is going to love her little sister.  it is such an amazing thing to feel this little one kicking and moving around.  i am continually blown away by the miracle of life!


3 responses to “october in pictures

  1. Christina! *sigh* reading this makes me so pleased, so grateful. I cannot believe it’s been a year married for you already. Whew! I mean, has there ever been a more dramatic turn of events for a woman than the last 2 years for you, sister? I can’t wait to keep seeing God’s faithfulness in your lives in the next chapter, sweet Feltens. We here love you ALL!

  2. Thanks for the update – I have a growing pile of fun things here (mostly for Mikisa, and the baby :), so we need to get together soon! xo

  3. I had to peek at your blog and check on my Mikisa! 🙂 I miss her and your family very much! I’m so glad you all are doing so well!

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