new beginnings

this is a time of big changes for our little family.

mikisa started kindergarten [again]…she is loving it!  she says “yay” every morning when we tell her she is going to school.  she adores her teacher and is getting to know her knew assistant.  we are very excited about the potential for growth for her this school year.

we are buying a house!  yes, the nomad has finally agreed to settle down.  really, i am super excited about this change as it means that we will most likely live in one place for at least several years.  i don’t know if i’m getting old or just wising up, but permanence and stability sound good to me right now.  i think it’s safe to say we have had a lot of changes these past several years!  [since we have not officially closed, and it’s not a done deal until we move in, i will wait to share more details until after the move-in date…which should be happening in a few weeks].

we are expecting our second child sometime late february!!  we are super blessed and excited about this new addition to our family.  i know Mikisa will be a wonderful big sister, and we look forward to many sleepless nights and baby snuggles:)  pregnancy has been exhausting, especially with our 6-year-old toddler to keep up with!  but staying focused on the end result has kept me going and i know it will be so worth it once we hold that little bundle of love in our arms.  praise God!

how can you not fall in love with this little one? we are smitten!

i have started a new job.  i am working as a nanny for a friend’s little boy, recently adopted from Uganda.  he is close to Mikisa’s age, so it has been wonderful having a playmate for her when she gets home from school.  he is a sweetie, and i really enjoy our time together.

so that’s life in a nutshell for us right now.  despite the busyness, i am going to try to continue writing a couple times a month on here…it helps me stay sane and gives me a place to be creative.  i welcome any suggestions for writing ideas!  i would like my blog to be a place that gets people thinking about things that matter.  so please help me stay on track with that goal.

*photograph compliments of Mandie Joy 

4 responses to “new beginnings

  1. Congratulations! Yes, you have had a lot of change and you are about to have more, so I can only imagine how nice it is to be “settling” in for a while.
    As for writing ideas, join the writing prompt!


  2. LOVE you. So glad to get this update and see your sweet belly on here since it’s been a while. When can we get together??? For reals. It needs to be soon. Miss you and Miki. Oh, and Troy too ;). Love all four of ya so much.

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