i think sometimes God does give us more than we can handle.  if we choose to obey Him and step out in faith, He often surprises us with the path He has chosen.  we think, “Why are you allowing these things to happen to me when I was obedient and faithful?” and we question whether or not we really made the right choice.  but God is usually up to something so beautiful we can’t even begin to see it.  He wants us to get to a place of desperation for Him.  so that we know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we truly can’t do it anymore without Him.  we need Him with us at every moment of every day.  every decision.  every step.  when we fall into His arms, broken from our lack of abilities and strength, His grace covers our weakness.  He makes us strong.  He lifts our heads and quiets our hearts.

these days, when it sometimes feels like i can’t get things right and i seem to continually fail, i am thankful for grace.  such a gift to tangibly feel the covering of this grace.  in the small moments…the breeze that cuts through the sun’s scorching rays, the vibrant bird that lands right next to me, the text from a friend saying she’s thinking about me, the reminders of how much progress we have made in less than a year home, and the continued encouragement and prayers from people near and far.  we are truly enveloped in grace.


3 responses to “grace

  1. this is a gorgeous picture and your words are LIFE. all is grace…and He does abundantly give it. thankful to know you sister.

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