EEG talk

we just got back from another 24-hour EEG.  the results, while not as great as i had idealistically hoped, were good.  Mikisa’s daytime seizure activity is completely gone!  the neurologist said he was really happy with how normal her brainwaves looked, although they are still slower because of the stroke.  during the night, her seizure activity was down to 30%.  that’s a huge improvement from a month ago, when she was at 100% spiking…all night long.  we are thankful for this progress and hope that we will see continued growth in her over the next months.  it seems the combination of her new seizure meds with more intensive therapy and also the addition of chiropractic care (and lots of prayer) is really having an impact on Mikisa!

i am relieved that this season of EEGs every month is over (for now).  the doctor said that unless we see new seizure activity or obvious regression in language and behaviors, we don’t need another EEG for another few years.  We will continue having appointments with the neurologist to monitor her progress, but thankfully the EEGs are no longer top priority.  i don’t know who’s happier, Mikisa or me.  it will be nice to not have to worry about how her EEG looks and just focus on loving our little girl and helping her learn.

oh, and we finally got her name changed legally!  it’s been interesting hearing everyone try to say it…i never thought it would be a difficult name.  we have people say “Miska” “Mishka” “Miksa” “Mikeeta” “Mekasa” Mi-kiss-a”.  *sigh*  i never could have come up with all the different pronunciations!  oh well.  (for those of you that don’t know, it’s pronounced Mikeesa)

5 responses to “EEG talk

  1. Praise God for this wonderful news all around! There is great progress to celebrate for sure. And, I feel your pain (and hers) with all the variations in pronouncing her name. It’s not hard, people!!! I could never come up with all the ways people have tried to say “Deirdre”. I wish my name were spelled Dear-dree. Again, thanking God with you for this good news about Mikisa.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Its amazing how far the medical field on this has come in 17 years. Your mother in law told me its Mikisa sounds like Lisa.

  3. shoulda just put “meems” down 😉

    praising the lord for this news, friend! continuing to pray for all three of you!! LOVE!

  4. So good to hear that she does not need to do more for a while! How does she respond to the meds? Have they “changed” her personality? And I am patting myself in the back, I guess I did say her name right!
    Would love to connect with you! Would you send me an e-mail?

  5. Good new Christina! It was fun to hang out with you guys – come and see us at the lake when you can! 🙂 xo and prayers

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