summer ramblings

it’s late and i don’t have any coherent thoughts…but i really want to start writing again so this is an attempt to get back in a groove with this blogging thing.  with Mikisa home for the summer, life has gotten a whole lot more intense here.  she is really doing quite well, but that’s relative.  being with her is a full-on gig.  she is still unable to play independently and she doesn’t really take naps.  she is on a short term course of heavy meds which affect her mood and behavior, so her impulse control is lacking.  her walking has also been affected and she moves like she’s drunk.  it’s sadly funny until she falls flat on her face.  basically, by the time she’s in bed i am absolutely exhausted.  because Mikisa is now over 40 pounds, my back has been killing me from all the lifting.  so i have started weight training at the gym to build arm and shoulder strength so i can lift her more easily.  i’m also seeing a chiropractor, which has been wonderful.

yesterday was Mikisa’s first haircut since she had her head shaved last february.  i took her to a local barbershop, where i was sternly criticized for how bad her hair looked: “there’s all kinda things back in here.  momma, you need to be usin some better products! when was the last time you washed your baby’s hair?  i mean it’s in bad shape. real bad.”  not one of my finest moments.  it was a very traumatizing experience for Mikisa…she cried the whole hour-long appointment.  but i learned some valuable hair care tips from my new african american barbershop friends.  and then they sent me home with a wide-tooth comb.

Mikisa has been talking up a storm lately!  i really want to get some of it on video, but every time i pull out the camera she starts sucking her thumb.  it is funny stuff though, and we’re so amazed at the words she is coming up with.  she is also singing a lot more, and she has such a sweet little voice.  she’s started weekly music therapy, and i’m excited to see how that goes.  speaking of therapy…this is the summer of therapy for us!  we have doubled up on OT, PT and speech just to give her more “catch up” time from the years missed.  since she has made such rapid progress in so many skill areas, her therapists want to maximize the potential.  so we spend a lot of time at child and family development.  we’re also starting a music and movement class tomorrow with other kids with disabilities.  i think Mikisa will be in her element.

even though these summer days are long, i am blessed to have more time with my girl.  it is a gift to see her blossoming!  we are so thankful for God’s grace and how it floods into our lives when we least expect it.


2 responses to “summer ramblings

  1. Thank you for never tiring Christina! I absolutely love the hair! What a beautiful queen u got there! May God richly bless you

  2. We are at child and family development every Thursday afternoon…. any chance we will ever be in the waiting room at the same time?

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