pretty girl in a helmet

Mikisa just got a protective helmet for when she walks.  it’s really ugly, but we’re going to try to encourage her to wear it as much as possible to promote independence.  i’m thinking about painting it to make it more colorful…any suggestions?  we’re not sure if she will be wearing it out in public, although that’s what her therapist recommended.  they want her to be safe, because she is falling a lot when she tries to walk independently.  but we don’t want her getting teased or stared at any more than she currently is.  already in school, the question i get asked most frequently from other students as she walks down the hall in her walker is, “what’s wrong with her?” [more on that later]

i don’t know about you, but i think she still looks pretty darn cute.  not many people could pull off the helmet but our girl rocks it!  i am so proud of Mikisa.  she is a fighter!


12 responses to “pretty girl in a helmet

  1. She’s adorable…..maybe fingerprints or handprints from some of her classmates – make them part of it?

  2. Paint it! I bet you could turn it into something awesome!

    Unfortunately kids will just comment. Mikisa is lucky to have parents and a supportive community that can help her deal with those questions and respond in a way that invites friendship. 🙂 I know James got many, many questions and comments about his arm but learned how to address them and to use his other strengths to become quite a popular and sought after fellow. 🙂

  3. Oh Christina, I didn’t know she could be more adorable! I love it! And I think painting it will make the other kids more interested (in a good way) and more accepting.

  4. Bedazzle it!!! maybe wrap pretty ribbon around the parts that go down by her ears. Grandma Felten is a pretty creative person. Maybe make fabric covers that velcro on!!

  5. she is still SUPER cute! maybe you could paint it a solid color and then gather some of her near-age friends with puffy paint pens to sign and decorate it? glitter pens? stickers? no matter what, i’ll look forward to seeing her/your final design 🙂

  6. One I’d my girls had a helmet and I used puffy paint and made the little holes in it the center of flowers… Just did petals with the paint. It definitely brightened it up!

    There isn’t anything that girl could wear that would take away from her cuteness!!

  7. I let Bethany decorate her helmet with stickers…that way she’s proud of what she did and she is more encouraged to wear it plus we can peel them off and put new ones on for each holiday or season.

  8. Both of my sweet little girls had to wear a helmet for about 4 months each when they were babies. Their heads did not form perfectly round so they wore the helmet so their heads would fill out. Lots of people stared an averted their eyes. Then I decided to fancy the helmets up and put stickers all over them. I found that once I made them fun people were not so afraid. I did a heart theme, a flower theme, a polka dots theme, etc. it somehow makes it more acceptable for others when they see you making it lighthearted. You are so sweet and have such a love for your daughter.

  9. Love the idea of fabric covers. Have seen bicycle helmets with covers that made it look more like a hat. Think of all the possibilities of changing the covers to match the outfits.

  10. She’s adorable!

    My mother-in-law just had surgery on her ear and had to wear a big protective plastic circle over it. She sat down on day 2 (only because she was still a bit out of it on day 1) and drew colorful flowers on it and covered it in stickers.

    She figures that people are going to stare because they are curious (at best) and possibly cruel (at worst) and a brightly colored and stickered cover says, “Look! I don’t care. I’m wearing this and it’s fabulous.”

    I think it would be the same for Mikisa – if she got to color it and make it her own – it probably wouldn’t make her as self-conscious for people to be looking at it because they could be admiring her work rather than pointing out that she’s ‘different’.

  11. My daughter wears a protective helmet as well due to her daily seizures. We started off with one similar to Mikisa’s provided by our insurance company but Maddie got overheated easily by one of her meds. We ended up getting a more comfortable option from this company and there’s a picture of Maddie wearing it on the Epilepsy Foundation website. Just wanted to share in case you are interested. Your daughter is beautiful!

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