first family vacation

this past week was awesome.  we went to Florida for spring break.  it was Mikisa’s first time at the beach!  she loved every minute of it.  she is a water baby for sure.  we had such a relaxing time together.  troy’s mom was there for the whole week, which made it extra fun.  we spent lots of time with her and then she also blessed us by giving us date nights almost every night once Mikisa was in bed.  Image

don’t miss this video.  it’s a fun one:)


11 responses to “first family vacation

  1. Oh my gosh! Does she say “and and and I’m gonna go in the car?” I can’t believe how much she is talking! I MISS her little voice!!

  2. Love Love! We are on our way to Uganda Tuesday for our court date on the 20th. I pray that Kab can soon make music for Miksa to dance to ( :

  3. Watching this video was a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. I’m so happy you got to have this special time together!

  4. Wow! how lovely! This video has certainly made my evening! You are no doubt my happiest moment of the day. Praise God for His goodness!

  5. What sweet, wonderful memories you all will have…this was so beautiful that I cried. You are so blessed, and Mikisa is super blessed by your great love and compassion. It’s evident that you have such unconditional love for her.

  6. That was some awesome walking! I can hardly believe that’s the same little girl in the video you took on the front porch in Masindi who wouldn’t put her feet down on your feet to “walk.” You all have worked so hard this year, and look at the results!

  7. How great to see Mikisa walk like that!! Way to go 🙂 Keep up the hard work… Looks like a great holiday!

  8. my favorite part is when she says, “i got it, i got it”. i love how much she is talking 🙂 and walking 🙂 and growing up into a family :). love you guys.

  9. I just watched this with Mandie Joy sitting next to me…WE MISS YOU!!! I cried and laughed through the whole thing. MJ said she wished she had filmed me watching it so you could see…I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY. This is a miracle we get to witness through y’alls faithfulness to love and parent and believe in and cheer on Mikisa Mae. Thank you for continuing to pour out Love every day. Thank you for sharing with us so we can watch the miracles of our Lord unfold in y’alls story. So much love to you friend!

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