this one goes out to the one i love

i’m not much for valentines day.  never have been.  but if today is about celebrating love, i’m down…ready for a big celebration.  and no one loves me better than my sweet husband Troy.  so i’m taking a little walk down memory lane to share some of my favorite moments with my best friend and soul mate.  he loves me so well.

we met early in 2010.  went on some trips together with a small group of mutual friends from church.  i had a crush on him from day one but thought he was too good for me.  now looking at these early pictures, it is clear the feelings were mutual:)

we played hacky sack in central park.  i was terrible at it but it was fun.

several months later, the same group of five traveled to seattle, portland and olympia.  we went hiking in the mountains and explored new cities.  it was a blast.

we were always a few feet apart…but pictures don’t lie.  the chemistry was there from the beginning.

then i moved to Uganda.  our friendship continued via email until i came back in may and he told me he really liked me and wanted to start a relationship.  i was elated!  we had a long distance relationship with daily emails and frequent skype calls.  it was wonderful and deepened our relationship like i never would have thought was possible.

then in july, Troy came to uganda for 8 days.  we had the time of our lives!

it was a magical week and we really fell in love in Uganda!  only wish his time there could have been longer.  but it was only a month or so later that Mikisa and I got off the plane in charlotte.  oh the joy of that sweet reunion!!

a week later we were engaged and then in October we got married in the mountains.  it was the best day of my life, and i can’t get over how special our ceremony was.  we were up in the mountains near black balsam knob.  the woods were our sanctuary and we were blessed with perfect weather.

then we spent a few days at a cabin in the mountains.  we enjoyed riding in the jeep with the top down and hiking on some of the most gorgeous trails in NC!  we made fires and relaxed in the hot tub.  it was wonderful.

and life just keeps getting better.  not easier, but richer, more fulfilling and more real.  we are learning love.  how to love each other and our daughter.  and how to be loved.  it is a beautiful process.  thank you God for the gift of family!

i am so blessed to have a companion to walk through this life with.  i don’t know where i would be if i didn’t have you, Troy!  you are everything i have ever dreamed of [and so much more].  you fill my life with love and happiness.  you are amazing!


5 responses to “this one goes out to the one i love

  1. Love this story and you dear Christina…Thanks for sharing it with us…
    You are precious!
    Love, Momma Marilyn

  2. LOVE this post, it is perfect! And I totally agree with you girl, the pictures said it all. When I first saw those pics on FB I knew there was more (just as I had suspected when I met you (for the 2nd time) that one night we came to your show at Evening Muse). You are a gift to my brother, and to all of us. You are the miracle and answer to all of our prayers! I love you.

  3. Thanks for sharing, dear Sis! I love you and am so thankful to have you and Mikisa in our family. Thanks for being such a light. Your smile and caring heart is just beautiful. I thank God and pray for you,Troy and Mikisa always. What an amazing example of love you all show!
    Love you,


  4. Rachel and I TOTALLY CALLED IT from that first picture. And don’t think we won’t forever take credit for this whole relationship… solely based on our coaxing of Meems to say “Daddy” every time she saw Troy on Skype.

    Seriously, though, c-tina: how good is Jesus? That man was made for you and Meems and you were both made for him. It has been such an awesome thing to see happen. I love all three of you.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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