so much to be thankful for

today i thank God.  i remember all He has done and i am filled with awe at His presence and power in our lives.  i am thankful for many things…for family, love, laughter, life, freedom and grace.  nine months ago i became a mother to the most precious little girl in Uganda.  then in october i married the man of my dreams.  it’s incredible what can happen in less than a year!  we are so richly blessed.  i’ve put together a short video highlighting some of our experiences along the way.

4 responses to “so much to be thankful for

  1. Thank you for inviting me (and the world) to be a part of your journey. It reminds me of the power of love, obedience, and prayer. I’m so glad I get to have a small role in this as I continue to pray for you and your family and ultimately the kingdom. Praise God for your walk! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, everyday!

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  3. loved watching this! what a ways she’s come and how fun to see her continuing on through love. she’s walking SO well!!!! miss you both!

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