blogging live

[8:04 am] just woke up. stumbled into the kitchen to boil some water for coffee. (can i just say how much i love my new french press??)

[8:10 am] i give MM benedryl for her swollen hand. poor girl, now she’s got only 2 functional fingers! probably the result of a spider bite in the night. he got me too, that sucker.

[8:30 am rachel here] overhears Christina: “Hey Meems, you’re going to have to share me today. I’m dividing my time between you and the computer.”

[8:45 am] breakfast madness. crepes on the menu. kids screaming and crawling all over the kitchen. i put MM on the counter so she doesn’t beat up the babies, who are pestering her like flies. they’re into the compost again. it’s amazing how quickly things get out of control around here.

[9:02 am Mandie here]: this just overheard between Christina and MM, “Meems! Crazy is GOOD! Crazy is GOOD!” Not sure if she’s trying to make MM or herself feel better about our crazy life…

[9:05 am] just realized we don’t have salt. *sigh* get MM in the baby carrier and walk to the nearest shops…it’s a beautiful morning, clear blue skies and the sun is already hot. on the walk we see: an indian woman driving a boda with her baby in front, a group of drunk men with their beer bottles in hand, a homeless man eating trash, huge crescent cranes eating from the same trash pile, women washing clothes, and kids going to school. we get a bag of salt for 20 cents and start walking back. my toe has an oozing blister so i decide to take a boda, which costs me another 20 cents.

[9:15 am] oh, how i miss my teflon frying pan! the crepes are all coming out burned. i guess it’s just added flavor and keeps things real. MM likes hers plain. the rest of us are going all out with nutella, peanut butter and bananas. they’re delicious.

[10:10 am] i love when i look at the time and it’s perfect. 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. it always makes me think of special people in my life and that makes me happy. anyway, i’m about to start homeschooling with 8-year-old Nora. more on that later.

[10:45 am] while i’m teaching, MM gets a bath with the twins.  they all love bathtime!!  (and it’s much easier to bathe three at once)

[11:35 am] taking a short break while Nora does her math assignment. time for MM’s physical therapy! she is determined to learn how to walk…getting stronger every day.

[11:45 am] Nora is improving with her multiplication skills and she is learning more about creative writing, parts of speech, continents, seasons of the year, and God. she’s such a great student! MM isn’t so keen on being educated but we are working on her attitude! today we reviewed colors, numbers and letters of the alphabet. we also read some of her favorite books.

[12:18 pm] homeschool is cut short today by the stray kitten that Mandie found on the street yesterday. he’s really scrawny and Nora wanted to play with him “because he looks like he is sad and lonely.”

[12:25 pm] a little physical activity before lunch! i just love the make-believe bowling setup we have going on out in the courtyard. Nora just got a strike! she’s pretty amazing. she decides to take MM for a stroller ride…MM loves her big sister!!

[12:48 pm] lunch.  we’re having leftover pasta and pbj.  oh, and avacado and pineapple–the fresh produce here is incredible!  MM decides that she really wants a second helping, and throws a kicking and screaming 2-year-old temper tantrum when i tell her the food is “omaze” (finished).  we all have our moments and this was certainly a moment for MM.  i guess she’s reacting to me based on childhood experiences that i’ve missed.  (in the past, when someone said there was no more food, that could have meant she wouldn’t get fed for several days.  so sad)

[1:32 pm] ended up singing along to some great Mumford and Sons music to redeem the lunchtime blues.  MM loves “Awake my Soul”.  she is in bed for her nap now.  and i’m reading Radical by David Platt.  such a good book.  “The question for us, then, is whether we trust in His power.  And the problem for us is that in our culture we are tempted at every turn to trust in our own power instead.  So the challenge for us is to live in such a way that we are radically dependent on and desperate for the power that only God can provide.”

[2:26 pm]  multiple babies fussing.  i get AR and give her a bottle.  then download picasa and put in some pics to make a collage.  i LOVE this program!  so cool.

[3:09 pm] naptime’s over.  getting ready to head over to Ekisa.  MM is going to do some more standing time and practice her walking skills before we go.

[3:53 pm] just talked to my lawyer…my paperwork has been filed!  hallelujah:)  this is a major milestone and i’m super excited!  we did a happy dance and ate some candy to celebrate.  leaving now (for real).  be back in a few hours.

[6:10 pm]  spent the last few hours at Ekisa, an orphanage for children with special needs.  we hung out on their porch, holding kids and talking to the girls who work there.  it was all going just fine until a monsoon-like rainstorm hit.  when it rains in uganda, it seriously pours.  the rain was coming at us sideways, and we all got soaking wet.  the kids loved it!  so basically we got stuck there, and the power went out…but it’s all good.  just another typical day.

[6:25 pm]  we scored a car ride into town with Emily, so we bought some coke (because we’re all addicted to caffeine) and some dishsoap (because the dishes are piling up.)  it was wet.

[6:32 pm]  back at the house…the power’s out here too so it’s dark inside.  lighting some candles and thinking about dinner.  but wait, we have nothing to cook.  so Mandie’s braving the rain to go get some take out from Yummies.  i’m guessing it’ll be beans and rice.  maybe some chicken stew? yum.

[6:50 pm] rachel is cooking oatmeal for the babies’ dinner.  we turn on some dance music.  the kids’ favorite is dynamite.  they all go crazy, dancing in the candlelight. they love to show off their moves:)

[7:03 pm] Mandie arrives with garbage bags full of food.  everyone is excited now!  we have chicken, rice, matoke, and beans.  it is dark and we can’t see what we’re eating, but it tastes good and we are happy.  the kitchen floor is a good place to be at the end of a day like today.  (who needs tables and chairs when there’s all this floor space?)

[7:24 pm] the power just came back on!  thank God!!!!  i love electricity and it’s something we don’t take for granted.  besides, i really wanted to be able to charge my computer so i can finish out this blogging day and not leave you all hanging.

[7:35 pm] one of our best “family” activities is playing music and singing together.  E1 and MM are especially fascinated by the guitar and violin, and they love to rock out when we play.

[8:13 pm] MM is tired and ready for bed…we get PJs on and then sit on her bed, snuggling and listening to our bedtime playlist.  she had a really good day today, despite all the craziness, and i’m proud of her.  i say goodnight and she’s asleep within minutes.

[9:05 pm] i am checking emails, uploading photos from today, and enjoying the company of my two sweet sister-moms.  the babies are more or less settled, although they will be sure to make themselves heard throughout the night.

[10:02 pm] my eyes lids are heavy so i guess this is (finally) the end of my live-blogging tuesday.  i hope you all enjoyed it!  goodnight:)


3 responses to “blogging live

  1. maia and i enjoyed reading about your day. maia had a lot to say and was so exited to see MM walking! I love that music is such an important part of your life. Do you remember at the end of beaver run making me a song book? Maia found it recently and loves to “play” the songs on her guitar!
    Big hugs to you all

  2. Christina, I loved reading your live blog day! It was really the next best thing to being there and brought back so many memories – some things I hadn’t even thought of since I got home.
    I’m amazed at MM’s progress! She must try extra hard for you. How great to see her standing up straight with that big smile!

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