happy mother’s day!

it’s mothers day today.  i’m missing Mikisa terribly.  as much as i have enjoyed being back in Charlotte, it has been really hard being away from her. thankfully, i have been able to talk with her on the phone and skype several times, and she is doing really well with Mandie and Rachel in Masindi.  i am continually impressed with her ability to adapt to new situations.  she is such a resilient little girl!

Mikisa talking to me on the phone

being Mikisa’s mom has changed my life. i never thought that someone so small could affect me so greatly.  i never thought i could love someone so much.  before meeting her, i had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a mom.  i didn’t know i was capable of feeling so much.

i have been working on my homestudy and other paperwork for Mikisa’s adoption.  although things are going well for the most part, i keep hearing from other people that i should expect months of waiting once i’m back in uganda and that it will not be easy for me to become Mikisa’s legal guardian.  all this uncertainty makes me worry about the future, and i have been quite restless and anxious over the past few days.  however, i do not want these worries to consume me or wear me down.  instead, i want to be overwhelmed by the grace of God.  so i will keep reminding myself of his many blessings.


3 responses to “happy mother’s day!

  1. God’s plan is perfect. Do not fear it. It is for your good. From someone who just finished an adoption that took waaaaaaaaay longer than it should have, hold on! God knows exactly what is supposed to happen and why. You may never know! Trust Him because He loves you and your precious daughter more than anyone can. Rest in His promises! He will move mountains when they need to be moved. Love you and can’t wait to meet your sweetie pie! Praying continually!

    The Stones

  2. See above….so true. God is soo good. Just think about all the things that you have done and gone through that led up to this. He knows what, where, when, why, and how and if you look back and see how everything has led up to this, just imagine where this time in your life is taking you. He is so good! Hope you are doing well! Karen said she’d call if you got a chance to stop by the school.

  3. Very belatedly, Happy Mother’s day. Can’t imagine how hard it was to spend it away from your little girl.

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