remembering them today

today is the international day for street children.  a reminder to the world to stop and think.  worldwide, there are an estimated 100 million children living on the streets.  in Kampala alone, there are approximately 5,000 street kids.  every time i go to the city it hits me in the face again.  dirty little hungry kids who are begging, stealing, crying, desperate and abandoned.  their faces haunt me…the poverty and loneliness of their little souls is difficult to process.  i just want to scoop them up and tell them everything is going to be okay.  but it’s not okay.  none of it is.

sometimes i feel like i’ve already seen too much here.  i want to put blinders on so i can’t see it any more.  i want to forget about their pain.  i want to somehow wave a magic wand and make it all go away.  but the reality of it is, this problem will always be part of my story now.  the plight of children living on the streets has weighed heavy on my heart for a long time.  now it has become part of me.  my heart is covered with little brown hand prints that are helping to shape this chapter in my life.  really it’s God’s story, written long before i was born.

so today as you go about your lives, please remember the children on the streets.  pray for them in their desperation.  that they might somehow know that somewhere in the world, someone cares deeply about them.  that they could feel worthy of receiving love.  that they all will eventually know truth.


2 responses to “remembering them today

  1. Those who help the poor are lending to God, what more can one ask for?
    One day when God lets me, I want to go to Uganda to do whatever to lend a hand to those who are worse off than me.
    God bless you.

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