from now on…

…you’ll be needing a password to read about my favorite little girl.
The adoption process in Uganda is fairly complicated so now that I’ve made the decision to move forward, I need to be careful what information about M gets shared with the whole world. I’ll be able to open up the blog to the public again after I am granted legal guardianship, but if you want to keep reading in the meantime, please send me an email for the password []. If you subscribe to the blog, each new update will get sent to your email account. From there, you can just plug in the password.
I also have to ask those of you who blog and use facebook to not post M’s picture, name, or the fact that I am adopting her online. This is mostly for her protection while the process is not yet finalized.
Thank you to all of you who do read this blog. This is a frustrating process so your encouragement means a lot.

2 responses to “from now on…

  1. Hi Christina

    We are really proud of you and look forward to seeing you soon! Let me know your password, Love you Jen & Steve

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