a week to remember

we have had a wonderful time here in Masindi with Mandie, Rachel and the twins.  Mikisa Mae is doing much better now…she had a lot more energy and spunk today and managed to keep down two out of her three meals. there were some scary moments this week…she was very sick and at one point i honestly didn’t know if she would live.  it was hard watching her little body get weaker as the malaria got worse.  but she is a fighter, and i am so proud of her for how well she is adapting to life with the crazy mzungus.   i am attempting to learn some Luganda so that we can communicate better.  it is so sweet how her face lights up when someone speaks in Luganda to her, and gives me a lot more motivation to master at least some basic phrases.

here are a few pictures from the week

our darling Ugandan family


3 responses to “a week to remember

  1. It is astonishing to see Mikisa Mae sitting next to Ellie and Eli! It is a miracle that she has lived for the 6 years she’s had on this earth. Please know that we are joining you in prayer for wisdom on your role in her life – and I’m passing this request on to the w242 prayer team. What an unexpected blessing and joy… I am so glad that you have her and she has you.

  2. i came here from your comment on the FB adoption group. i came to give you encouragement and remind you that your mother heart KNOWS. whatever the answer is…you know.
    then. i saw sweet, precious loves, Eli and Ellie. that’s when i realized that i’ve already been praying for you. for mikisa mae. for God’s plan for her. for His plan for you.
    so, i’ll continue to pray with you. so beautiful to hear her spunk coming out. a mama’s love does that. =) [whether you are forever mama or for now.]

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