quick update

many of you have written asking how you can help bring Mikisa Mae home.

of course, the biggest need is financial. while it would be so fun for me to tell you what she needs and let you do the shopping, it really isn’t practical or wise to send things from the US to Uganda. a few of my friends have lost large portions of what was sent to them when the packages went through customs. that being said, if any of you want to send a little package, we would love it. For now, though, the things I need for her are much cheaper to buy in Uganda: shoes, clothes, a little potty chair, a cup, a blanket, diapers and wipes. A package of diapers here costs about $10 and I can buy great shoes in the market for less than $5, so ANY donation amount will be greatly appreciated.

A few of the upcoming costs that we are aware of are:

Paperwork/lawyer fees: $4,000
Medical expenses: $750
Living expenses: $150/month (diapers, food, transportation)

although i am seriously praying about adopting her myself, i still have not made a definite decision. in spite of this, i want to begin the first few steps of many in order for her to be adopted. any donations received will go towards getting the immediate medical care that she needs (an EEG, CAT scan, blood work, possibly physical therapy, etc.), lawyer/paperwork fees, and her living expenses. since she will be living with me indefinitely, any help will be a huge blessing and you can be sure she’ll be receiving excellent care.

many adoption organizations offer people the opportunity to donate towards a particular child’s adoption process. the money stays in a “grant” of sorts until that child finds a family. this is how donations for Mikisa Mae will work. i hope that the answer is for me to be her mom, but if not, i’m so excited to be able to offer this gift to her future parents.

i have created a paypal account and donations can be made at the following site: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TJJ7GG7VMU3FL

3 responses to “quick update

  1. Christina-So weird…I saw a link to Mandie’s blog over the past couple of weeks and was reading about this sweet little girl over the weekend. Didnt even recognize that it was you holding her in the picture. Then Jess posted a link to your blog tonight and I realized who it was that was taking care of her. You are amazing. Our coffee team misses you, but we are so proud of all that you are doing.

    Amy Warren

  2. I am not sure you will know me, but you were in a band at W242 with my husband Steve. Thank-you for sharing this amazing story. I will be praying for clarity in your decision.
    Also, I just thought I would let you know that I have a college friend in Kampala with his family. He works with the organization called Aid Sudan. Email me if you think his contact info would be helpful to you.

  3. Hi Christina,
    I followed the link to your blog from Jess Ramsey’s blog, and you have blown my world open with your words and experiences! My husband and I are longtime members of w242, watched your baptism, and I have often wondered where you beautiful music went!

    I will be following your blog, and listening to my own heart as God moves me through your experiences. Blessings to you and Mikisa Mae!

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