Tomorrow I am finally heading to my new home in Kitala.  I’ve really enjoyed the past few days in Masindi with Rachel and the twins, but I’m looking forward to getting into a routine and living in one spot for more than a few days.  Masindi is beautiful–very rural and far removed from any kind of civilization.  It feels like a town from the middle ages but there is electricity and some running water (although even these things are not guaranteed…the power goes out frequently and there’s no such thing as a hot shower.)  But I like it here. 
We walked into town this afternoon with the twins.  It was very noticeable that the locals are not used to seeing “mzungus” (white people).  They stared, pointed, laughed and asked ridiculous questions about the babies.  “How did you produce those black babies?” and “Did you give birth to that child?”  It was kind of hilarious after I got over my initial defensive reaction. 
Life here is simple.  It is full of mundane tasks that I am used to avoiding because of the excessive technology that makes it easy to push buttons and get the same results.  Washing clothes here takes time and effort.  Eating takes hours of preparation.  Or if you really crave fast food, you stand on the street and wait while someone else cooks it over a smoky fire.  Transportation is a headache…and is dangerous.  We took the twins on motorcycles “bodas” wherever we went.  No, we did not wear helmets and yes, the traffic is insane.  If we chose to go on foot, it is not much safer because pedestrians certainly do not have the right of way.  I guess I can say I’m already living on the edge here.  And I like it.

on a boda with Eli!

One response to “Masindi

  1. Christina, It is great to hear that you are doing well, living fully. My favorite saying of the new year: “I guess I can say I’m already living on the edge here. And I like it.”

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