Merry Christmas!

I arrived safely last night here in Uganda! My flight on the 18th was canceled because of the snow in heathrow, so i spent 5 days with my friends in Charlottesville, which was actually a very nice little break for me.  I had a lot of time to rest, think and read.  The flights were both long but uneventful, and i met my driver without any problems and road the three hours to Jinja, a small town on the river Nile.  It is gorgeous here!   Lots of banana trees, palm trees, red dirt roads, beautiful people, and indescribable smells (good and bad).  I will be spending the next 5 days here with some other international volunteers who are starting an orphanage for kids with special needs.
I woke this morning to the sounds of a turkey being slaughtered. When I walked in the kitchen, they were looking for someone to gut it, so i offered…and got the job! it was a good immersion experience. This afternoon I took a Boda (motorcycle) ride into town to do some grocery shopping. the town is loud, dusty, crowded and overwhelming. but i enjoyed it a lot!  it is wonderful being in Africa again:)  i feel like i have come home for Christmas.
anyways, i should go. sorry if this is incoherent…i am quite tired and spaced out.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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