August 29

Yesterday was our last day with the kids.  It was hard to say goodbye…I don’t feel ready to go yet.  We had prepared a program of songs, a short drama, and presentation of some of the projects we have worked on with them.  We also gave all the kids a special snack of boiled milk (their favorite!), donuts and cookies.  They were really excited about everything and it was a nice way to say goodbye.

We also gave hand-painted T-shirts to the 9 kids that we have found sponsors for.  Collins (the child I am sponsoring) is so adorable, and I will miss him so much.  The past few weeks he has been so sweet to me–running up to me when he sees me and walking us home every afternoon, holding tightly to my hand.  Even though we do not understand each other, we have definitely connected and I am so happy to be part of his life through this sponsorship.

We had a really good conversation with the teenage boys and girls as well.  We discussed foreign aid coming in to Kenya and how this effects their country’s sustainability.  Most of their responses were very cliche, and it was obvious that they hadn’t given much thought to the concept of being independent or self-sufficient.  But it was good to hear their questions and to get some new ideas planted in their minds.

For our last evening, the LLK staff prepared a wonderful Kenyan meal for us.  It was nice to have some time to chat with them on a more personal basis and was a very memorable evening.  Each staff member said some parting words to the three of us, and their sincere comments made me realize what an impact our time here had had on them.  They clearly value relationships a lot and their goodbyes were very sincere.  We also had a good talk with our night guard (translated by Ken).  We will miss our Masai warrior with his bow and arrows and interesting personality!


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