August 25

Last night I was awake for a few hours with severe chills.  It was really scary, and I thought something was seriously wrong.  I felt much better today, so I guess maybe it was just something that had to get through my system.  Today was a national holiday, as they were having a census.  The three of us and Silas spent the morning painting the tables we have been using at Koinange Primary.  Of course, Ken was there with his video camera to “document” the work.  We had a lot of fun!  For break, Ken got us each a liter of milk in a bag.  I almost vomited at the thought of drinking milk on such a hot day, but milk is a luxury so we politely drank our special treat with gratitude.

This afternoon we walked around the Rhonda slums again, taking gifts to the children that we found sponsors for.  We went to five different homes and learned a lot about the families.  It was heartbreaking to hear their stories of struggle and pain.  Some of the things we heard were very difficult to process and we spent this evening in relative silence, while we each tried to process what we had seen.  I am finding it hard that I can’t do more here.  There is so much need all around and I feel so small and incapable of making any real change in these people’s lives.


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