August 23

We just got back from a weekend in Kisumu! We left early Friday morning on the Mololine shuttle…it was a very bumpy, traumatic experience, but also incredibly beautiful!  The further north we drove, the more lush and green the countryside was.  We saw fields of sugarcane, corn, rice, tea and a lot of banana trees.  It was amazing to pass by villages with mud huts, thatched roofs, cows, donkeys and goats roaming freely on dirt roads.  We also saw a lot of farmers harvesting their crops and many women carrying buckets of water or firewood on their heads, people washing in the rivers, cooking over small fires and herding cattle.  The ride was spectacular.

Arriving in Kisumu, we were immedicately surrounded by taxi and tuk tuk drivers asking us where we wanted to go.  It felt strange being a tourist again after living in the slums.  We decided to start off by going on a boat ride on Lake Victoria.  As it turned out, the wind was against this plan!  We were on a long, wooden boat which was tossed around on the waves, and we all ended up soaking wet and sick to our stomachs from the lurching waves.

Saturday morning we re-visited the boat idea, and actually had a very pleasant and calm tour of the lake.  We saw hippos, fish and lots of different birds.  It was beautiful!  In the afternoon, we took a tuk tuk up to Malange, a rural village close to the Ugandan border.  We stayed their overnight, enjoying the luxury of having some hot water prepared so we could wash in style!  We all went to bed early because there was no electricity and it was black.


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