August 20

This afternoon we had another meeting with the girls and boys club.  The topic was interpersonal communication, and they were very responsive to our questions and ideas.  It was interesting to see how the guys and girls interact and communicate with each other.  They obviously haven’t had much practice communicating with each other (it is a very gender-specific, segregated culture).  We had them pair up and do some communication role playing, and it was really difficult for them to even make eye contact.  Through this activity, and the conversations that followed, it became clear to me that the whole concept of communication between teenage boys and girls is very foreign to these young people and that it would take a lot more than an hour discussion to impact change and growth in this area.  However, I felt positive that we had at least started them thinking about this and made them aware of the importance of being honest with each other and also respecting each other despite the obvious gender-specific societal expectations.

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