August 19th

Our time here is passing so quickly!  I would really love to stay longer, but know that would not be a good idea because it would make it that much harder to get back into my “normal” life and routine at home.  This morning with class 6, I decided to scratch my English and Math lesson plans and just let them ask me questions about the United States.  The questions they asked demonstrated a significant lack of a broader understanding or knowledge of the world.  Some examples: Are there poor people in the US? Are there thieves, beggars, liars? Are there crazy or mentally ill people? Is it dangerous? Are there black people? Did you know Michael Jackson? Did you go to his funeral? (Why not??) Are you proud of Obama? Are there forests and mountains in the US? Are there fish? Do you really eat dogs? (They thought a hot dog was heated dog meat). Are all white people rich like you? Are the poor people in America all black? Do you have tribes? Witch doctors? Is spiderman real? How did Michael Jackson change into a Mzungu (white person)? Do you eat on a plane? When you use the toilet on the plane, does it just drop down to earth? (They only use holes in the ground so do not understand the concept of flushing toilets.) Do you have mud huts? Do you have any farmers? I loved the variety and innocence of their questions.

This afternoon the kids performed some of their tribes’ traditional songs and dances.  It was so beautiful!  They have incredible talent and amazing rhythm.  One of the boys kept the beat by drumming on two jugs with sticks.  He was excellent!

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