August 15

we had the opportunity to meet with the teenage group of children sponsored through LLK.  since we had been thinking about the future of these children in this program, we thought this would be an age-group where we could discuss future goals and any obstacles they think could get in the way of their achievement of these personal goals.  the conversation was fascinating…i found it remarkable that none of these young people mentioned poverty as an obstacle that might get in the way of them reaching their goals, even though from the outside looking in this seems like the largest obstacle all of these teenagers face when planning a future.  

some examples of things they said were: a guy who wants to be a farmer but doesn’t think he can follow through on a task; a guy who wants to be a musician but people don’t believe in him and he is afraid their will be jealousy; a girl who wants to be a nurse but is afraid of death and dying; a girl who dreams of becoming a lawyer but thinks it will be discouraging and she also does not want to defend people who have done something wrong; someone wanted to be a bus driver but is afraid of getting in an accident; another girl wants to be a cop but fears holding a gun; and many who want to become teachers but are afraid of crowds.  we asked them if they felt supported by their parents, and it was apparent that most of them do not have the support and encouragement that they would need to pursue these dreams.  however, they did mention that the LLK office is a place where they feel they can go when they have a question or need motivation.


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