August 12th

We have a masai warrior as our night guard.  he uses a club and a bow and arrow to defend the office where we are staying.  his name is daniel, and he doesn’t speak a word of english, but we are learning to communicate with body language and gestures.  he seems to find us really amusing.  i guess i don’t blame him, since we are obviously doing things a little different from the norm.  our cooking efforts have been, for the most part, disastrous.  we tried making baby porridge for breakfast (because we couldn’t find any normal breakfast foods at the supermarket), and it turned out like cement.  we attempted frying leftover, crusty ugali and it tasted like popcorn gone bad. 

there are quite a few rodents and bugs in the house, and this evening while we were eating dinner, i spotted a mouse and let out a scream.  daniel came rushing in with his club ready to attack whoever was hurting us.  we had to try to explain by pointing and squeaking that it was just a mouse.  i guess it was like a fire drill.  we were just making sure our guard was really ready to defend us:)


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