July 30th

I need to let go of my stereotypes.  somehow i had envisioned my flight to africa on a small, beat-up plane with chickens flapping between the seats.  i also thought that the people in the terminal would be really difficult about my extrememely overweight bags.  but it turned out quite differently.  i told them that the large heavy bag was full of supplies, toys and games for the children in the slums of nakuru, and i did not have to pay a penny.  and there were no chickens on the plane.  i met Amy at heathrow airport.  we flew through cairo together on a small, overheated egyptair plane.  my first glimpse of african land was the black silhouette of nothingness against a crimson strip sunset.  it was stunning, but i was dissapointed i could not see the pyramids.  i kept imaginging that i saw them…it was probably a combination of being overtired and completely hypnotized by the music coming out of my headset.  the blend of chanting, wailing, sliding violins, intense percussion, and classical guitars was rich and deep.  i guess i realized how much i love arabic music.  i tried to decide what they could be singing about.  it sounded like maybe it had something to do with riding camels across the desert.  but there i go with my stereotypes!


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