July 28, London

Each time i travel, my understanding and appreciation of gypsies develops.  i think i am most happy when i am in new places, exploring and experiencing new things.  i feel alive.  i love this world with all its eccentricities.  i love the quaintness of simple english cottages, the beauty of the lush green, rolling hills patchworked with neatly trimmed hedges, the strong, distinctive accent of a londoner, the chaos of throngs of people rushing between towering architecture, crowding the streets and sidewalks of london with frantic noise pollution.  i love the history here, and the art.  it is so much more cultured and planned than what i am used to–and yet so full of majesty and elegance. 

spending the day in london today was wonderfully refreshing.  i took a lot of pictures, blending in with the thousands of tourists from all over the world.  (note: being a photo-crazy tourist has never been one of my aspirations, but i wore the title with pride today).  i was happy to be alone, it was incredible taking time to simply explore new territory and go wherever my feel led me.  i even got in on a free concert at St Martins-in-a-field (which is a church, not a park!)  by the end of the day, my legs were ready to fall off, but i was rejuvenated by everything i had seen. 

now i just have one more day until i fly to nairobi–the excitement is building!  i am more than ready for this adventure, which has taken so much preparation and thought these past few months.  now it’s so close i can taste it!  (and it tastes delicious)

4 responses to “July 28, London

  1. Glad to see you’re doing well, Christina!! I hate that I didn’t get to really say bye, but oh well. Be safe in Africa and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do. Wait. That’s not good. Just be yourself. 🙂 Miss you, Christina.

  2. So so wish I could have been there to meet you but know how much you’ll love the Kenyan experience. London will honestly seem ridiculous within a matter of days … you’ll understand what I mean soon enough.
    Safe flight Christina x

  3. So sorry we couldn’t connect before you flew out. I am thinking of you and will love checking your blog whenever i get to the internet!
    good luck, enjoy and take many mental photographs to share with me.
    with love

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